Management & Procedures


The requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RR(FS)O)  or the installation of a new fire alarm system within your premises may provide an opportunity for the review or formalisation of emergency evacuation procedures. It is often possible to tailor procedures to minimise disruption during fire drills and false alarms and to maximise the potential offered by the technology of fire alarm systems.

LWF are able to undertake on your behalf:

  • Review your building occupancy, use and relevant fire systems.
  • Compile and publish emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Prepare definitive evacuation floor plan drawings of your premises with associated fire notices.
  • Negotiation on your behalf with the fire brigade.
  • Train your staff to cope with their varied responsibilities during an evacuation.


Many premises contain valuable contents. These may take the form of artefacts, as would be the case for museums, art galleries and the like, or valuable records on for which your business depends for its continued well being.

LWF are able to undertake on your behalf:

  • The identification of a prioritised salvage list.
  • Identify salvage procedures without compromising the means of escape within your premises.
  • Prepare, on your behalf, salvage drawings including the identification of places of safety.


Often evacuation and salvage procedures are not enough to safeguard the continuity of a business function. Planning for disasters other than fire, including the security implications of an event, damaged valuables protection and conservation, dealing with the emergency services and media, providing for alternative premises and management systems, all form part of a comprehensive disaster plan for your organisation.

LWF are able to undertake on your behalf:

  • Preparation of a disaster plan, compiled specifically to protect your business function, taking into account your insurers’ requirements.
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