LWF would like to keep you updated with our work plans due to COVID-19 and the most recent government advice.

It is our duty to you as our customers to continue to support you in these unprecedented times.  Our dedication to everyone and especially to our clients is our main priority and we stay here to help.

Our working practices have changed to ensure the health and well-being of the LWF team is at the forefront. Our office will stay open but as a precaution, many of our staff will be working from home. We believe that thanks to the excellent remote IT system this will allow us to continue working with you and be here for you when needed.

Please note that we will be arranging meetings by telephone where possible and face to face meetings both at our premises and yours will be reduced to minimum.

LWF will make sure to let you know of any changes to the business that may affect you during this period.  For any queries, please contact us on 0208 668 8663 or email

We will continue to offer you our full support during this time.

Peter Gyere

About LWF

LWF was established in 1986 and has serviced in excess of 6,000 fire engineering and fire risk management projects to date including the Palace of Westminster, the British Museum and Eton College.

We have worked on fire engineering projects and fire risk assessments in a wide variety of sectors and invite you to view our list of clients and look in more detail at our projects and case studies.

LWF approaches each custom project with a high level of professionalism and creativity to offer you the highest standards of fire safety design.

Please call 0800 410 1130 to make an appointment or to discuss your requirements.

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