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LWF was established in 1986 and has serviced in excess of 6,000 fire engineering and fire risk management projects to date including the Palace of Westminster, the British Museum and Eton College.

We have worked on fire engineering projects and fire risk assessments in a wide variety of sectors and invite you to view our list of clients and look in more detail at our projects and case studies.

LWF approaches each custom project with a high level of professionalism and creativity to offer you the highest standards of fire safety design.

Please call 0800 410 1130 to make an appointment or to discuss your requirements.

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Category: Healthcare

Fire Risk Assessment for Healthcare Premises – Access & Facilities for the Fire Service – Part 141

LWF’s blog series for healthcare professionals aims to give information on best practice of fire safety in hospitals and other healthcare premises. In part 140 of Fire Risk Assessments for Healthcare Premises, LWF talked about basement escape and protection from fire. In part 141, we discuss what access and facilities should be provided for the… View Article

Category: Facilities Management

Fire Safety for Facilities Management Personnel – Smoke Control – Part 256

Lawrence Webster Forrest (LWF) is a specialist fire engineering and fire risk management consultancy whose aim is to give information on best practice in fire safety for facilities management personnel through this blog series. In part 255, LWF talked about Aerosol Systems and Oxygen Reduction Systems. In part 256, we begin to discuss Smoke Control…. View Article

Category: Fire Engineering

Fire Safety Engineering for Design – Smoke Ventilation – Part 187

LWF’s Fire Safety Engineering blog series is written for Architects, building designers and others in the construction industry to highlight and promote discussion on all topics around fire engineering. In part 186, LWF began to discuss replacement air. In part 187, we continue talking about replacement air and start to look at extract points. While… View Article

Category: Uncategorized

Assessing External Wall Construction – EWS Forms

Assessing External Wall Construction The Problem Following the reviews that have occurred as a result of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire it has been found that the fire industry and the building industry in general, lacked the competence to ascertain how safe external wall coverings were. This lack of competence struck at the very core… View Article

Category: Uncategorized

Passive fire protection for Building Professionals – Part 20

In LWFs blog series on passive fire protection for building professionals and contractors and those with an interest in structural fire protection issues, we aim to give an overview of the important role passive protection plays in the overall fire safety provision of a building. In part 19, LWF began to discuss ducting, an important… View Article


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