Fire Alarm & Detection

In order to meet your requirements for life safety, most premises are required to have a means of giving warning in the event of a fire. Fire alarm systems are by far the most common and effective means of achieving this. However, all too often systems are specified and installed by manufacturers and contractors that are inappropriate to the specific risk and occupancy of the building. A rationalised design undertaken by a specialist fire consultant can meet your legal obligation and provide you with the additional benefit of cost effectiveness, content, property fabric and business process protection.

LWF are able to undertake on your behalf: –

  • The review of your legal, insurers and operational requirements.
  • Condition survey of your existing installation.
  • Prepare on your behalf a performance specification for both your existing and proposed new system.
  • Prepare detailed designs for your fire alarm and automatic fire detection systems.
  • Provide independent advice on your behalf for a fire alarm system performance, its suitability and appropriateness of installation.
  • Prepare proposed / existing fire alarm installation layouts on CAD.
  • Prepare detailed performance and material specifications.
  • Advise you on suitable manufacturers and contractors for system installation and prepare tender packages.
  • Prepare comparative costs set against specific risk and performance.
  • Represent and negotiate on your behalf with all statutory approval authorities at the design and post construction stages.
  • Prepare tender packages and undertake full project management.
  • Advise on servicing requirements and service contracts.
  • Staff training in all aspects of fire detection systems.
  • After-care service, including for changing needs and risks, fire drills and evacuation procedures.
To ensure you meet your statutory obligations, give us a call and discuss your needs on 0800 410 1130.