Fire Safety Audits

Fire safety is critical for two reasons. Firstly to meet the requirements set by law for the health, safety and protection of your staff and visitors to the premises. Secondly to protect the building fabric, its contents and the business process undertaken. A building’s insurer may also make requirements on a building owner / occupier to improve the level of fire precautions.

LWF are able to assist you in the:

  • Application and interpretation of all fire safety legislation.
  • Application of specific fire safety guidelines.
  • Negotiation with Fire Brigade, Building Control and other approval bodies.
  • Equivalency assessment where prescriptive standards would represent onerous requirements.
  • Preparation of fire plan drawings.
  • Preparation of prioritised schedules of work to meet fire safety requirements.

To make sure you are fire safe, please call one of our dedicated staff on 0800 410 1130.