Fire Suppression

Fire suppression can often become a necessity in order to comply with your legal requirements for Building Control approval, to meet your insurers requirements or to offset otherwise onerous fire precautions. Often an overview of your premises fire precautions strategy can reveal the installation of total or partial fire suppression system could reduce building and insurance costs, or provide you with other operational benefits. Fire suppression systems work against the development of fire in a variety of ways so it is therefore essential that the designer is fully aware of all fire safety engineering options available, such that the optimum solution can be adopted.

LWF are able to undertake on your behalf:

  • A detailed hazard identification analysis of your premises for current and future occupation.
  • Prepare on your behalf, feasibility assessments identifying options for fire suppression and risk reduction against potential costs.
  • Assist you in the preparation of a cost benefit analysis.
  • Advise you on suppression options relevant to the specific use of your premises and the implications of discharge on the building and occupation.
  • Define optimum sprinkler configuration suitable to the hazard and risk within your premises.
  • Undertake detailed sprinkler designs to meet any hazards and interface as appropriate with any existing fire engineering designs within your property.
  • Identify and define on your behalf, all possible fire suppression options including; water mist, gaseous, foam, or dry powder-extinguishing agents.
  • Provide you with independent advice on suppression systems manufacture, performance, suitability and appropriateness for individual circumstances.
  • Prepare detailed water supply, infrastructure and distribution pipe-work layouts on CAD.
  • Prepare detailed performance and materials specifications.
  • Prepare tender packages and provide full project management services.
  • Represent and negotiate with all statutory approvals authorities on your behalf at the design and post construction stages.
  • Advice on systems servicing requirements and service contracts.
  • Provide staff training in systems operation.
  • After-care service, including for changing needs and hazards, and advice on adaptation and extension of the system.

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