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Enforcing Authorities Securing Prosecutions….

September 12, 2011 2:59 pm

Unfortunately in the majority of cases,  breaches to a buildings fire safety provision is only realised in post fire conditions. 

However, through enforcement Fire & Rescue Services are now maintaining pressure to ensure that responsible persons are meeting their statutory obligations. 

Most authorities have an inspection regime, where deficiencies are identified and appropriate action is taken. Likely actions are enforcement or prohibition notices, with the more serious failings leading to prosecutions.

Contrary to popular belief, the authorities do not necessarily focus on the ‘big fish’. Fire safety breaches are taken very seriously wherever they appear, with prosecutions recently seen in hotels, small industrial units and even fast food restaurants . In fact the latter recently received  almost £12,000 in fines for fire safety breaches.

Enforcing authorities and the courts view breaches in Fire Safety Legislation very negatively. A suitable and sufficient up to date Fire Risk Assessment is key to achieving compliance.

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